Periodontal splinting may be recommended to support and stabilize your teeth if your bone and gum tissues are deteriorating due to periodontal disease, heavy bite stress or other factors. This treatment helps prevent your teeth from falling out or needing to be extracted and is most commonly recommended to improve oral function and prevent further deterioration due to more severe gum disease.

Periodontal splints consist of a stabilizing wire or fiber-reinforced ribbon. This wire is similar in appearance to the wires used in fixed orthodontic retainers, and like a retainer, it is permanently bonded to your teeth. When you receive this treatment, our dentist will drill small holes into the affected teeth, insert the wire into the slots and bond it into place. Tooth-colored bonding material is usually used to provide a more natural appearance following treatment. The splint then works to link the teeth together, using their collective strength to provide stability for all the teeth connected by the wire and reducing the stress on your remaining gum tissue.

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